Why Sugar Makes You Thirsty

The sugar that you eat makes you thirsty because it is a drying agent of epic proportions. You might not have realized how much sugar could dry something out until you started eating sugary candy and realized that all of it is dry. It is a diuretic that will make you feel like you must urinate all the time, and you will start to feel like you are always in need of a drink.

The sugar that you are eating is worth a lot of calories, but it has no nutrients. Your body has to use resources to digest these items, and it does not get anything in return. Because of that, you feel like you are always dehydrated when eating sugary candy. Sugar generally will make you feel this way, and you must be very careful about how much sugar you put in your body.

You must also look at how much sugar is in some of the foods that you eat that you might not have realized were loaded with sugar. You might be eating more sugar than you thought, and that could be problematic because you are getting too much in your diet when you did not realize.

You might want to have a splurge day where you are eating more fat and sugar than you normally would, and that is the day that you must drink the most water. There are many people who do not realize that they can solve most of their problems by drinking more water, and you must be certain that you have a water bottle with you at all times.

Sugar will make you feel tired, and it helps you get only a burst of energy. You must counteract all the sugar you are eating with water that you are drinking, and you must be certain that you have truly planned out how you will get enough water in your body. You also need to consider how much sugar you really drink or eat because it might be too much. Even a sparkling water has too much sugar. Drink water only, cut back, and think about where your sugar intake comes from.

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